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John Hampden Fund Application Form

John Hampden War Memorial Scholarship Fund

This fund exists to make awards to former students in higher education, apprenticeships and undertaking vocational training, to cover books, tools and equipment and other course necessities such as special clothing. The Fund also provides textbooks and equipment for the School.

To apply for an award, please:

  • email
  • and outline the reason for your request, the items you wish to buy and their cost. (See format below.)


Please copy and paste this format into your email.
1. Name: (Your full name as per your bank account)

2. Bank Details as the monies are paid by on-line transfer:
o The name of your bank account (eg Joe Bloggs)
o The name of your bank (e.g. Barclays)
o The sort code of your bank account (format will be XX XX XX)
o Your bank account number
· Be assured that once funds are transferred to you, all records of your bank details will be destroyed.
3. Mobile Telephone: (In the unlikely event case we have any urgent queries.)
4. Email: (so we can contact you if we need further info if you decide to send your request by post.)
5. Years studied at Lord Williams’s School:
6. GCSE Results: (just the subjects)
7. A-level Results: (subjects and grades. We only ask this for security purposes to check you are who you say you are! and not some nasty bot.)
8. Proposed or current university course or other career path:
9. Request for funds: we are very happy to make grants for books, equipment, tools and sometimes special travel undertaken to further study. We will also consider other requests.
Please include:
– amount of money requested and a list of specific items and their individual cost e.g. book titles and cost of book, tools and their cost etc.
Please note that we DO NOT contribute towards:

  • travel to place of education/apprenticeship from home
  • laptops, phones, tablets or other IT equipment
  • regular transport to and from the place of study
  • gap year costs and expenses

10. Please add any comments you would like to make in support of your application e.g. family and financial circumstances, special equipment essential to the course etc.

  • The email should arrive by 31st October in any year, and the awards are made annually in November or December.
  • It is possible to reapply for further awards in subsequent years during your period of study.
  • Usually, all applicants receive an award unless the items requested are outside what we are able to pay for.
  • And just to note: You are not asked to repay the money awarded at some later date.


    • Nicholas Barker on 10/02/2015 at 21:56
    • Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would be grateful if you considered giving me a grant when I go to university. I have received five offers to study maths and I hope to go to university this September.

    Many thanks.
    Yours faithfully,
    Nick Barker

    1. Nicholas…there is an on-line form on this page that you should download, fill in and then post to the given address.

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