Three brothers from Chesham

OTs who served in the 1st World War

Clifford Ewart Cyril Deverell

Clifford was born around August 1890 at Chesham, the son of Elizabeth Juggins née Loosley and Ebenezer Deverell, a bank clerk, later a bank manager, living at 108/110 Church Road. Ebenezer, by then living in Stanley Avenue, Chesham died on 7thDecember 1907 at the relatively young age of 53 but, for unknown reasons, he the place of death was at 37 rue Caumartin, Paris. What an English bank manager was doing there can only be surmised. In his will he left a modest £150 to his widow and to two farmers, Thomas Deverell and John Edward Loosley, the latter his 84-year-old father in law; nothing it seems directly to his sons.

In 1911, Clifford aged 20, was a ‘farm pupil’, a rather strange job for someone who might have been expected to be in better paid employment to support his widowed mother and her father now living with the Deverell family, but it was probably Raymond (see below) who was the main breadwinner at that time. During the war Clifford served first in the 6thSouth Staffordshire Regimentand later gained a commission as 2ndLieutenant in the Ox and Bucks Light Infantry. He survived the war and lived on until 11thFebruary 1960, dying at 136 Netherhampton Road, Salisbury, leaving £7717.

Frank Compare Deverell (boarder)

Frank was Clifford’s next elder brother, born on 27thAugust 1887. He was at LWGS in 1901. He served in the 4thBattalion of the Ox and Bucks Light Infantry. In March 1927 he married Kathleen Olive Checkley Rose.  In 1939 he was living at 9 Shortacre Lane, Saunderton, as a retired general clerk with Kathleen and 79-year-old mother who lived on for another six years, over 37 years in all as a widow, dying on 29thSeptember 1945. Frank outlived her for only two years as he died on 11thNovember 1947, leaving his widow £7274. Kathleen lived for another eight years, dying in March 1955.

Raymond John Loosley Deverell  (boarder). 

Raymond was the eldest of the three brothers, born about 1886. He was at LWGS in 1901, at 15 one of the oldest boarders in the school. Ten years later he had followed his late father’s profession as a bank clerk. On the 14thNovember 1914 he married Hilda May Toogood, a farmer’s daughter, at St Hilda’s Church, Acton Green. At that time Raymond was living at 4, Ravenscroft Road in Chiswick. After his marriage he and Hilda moved a short distance to 522 High Road Chiswick but their married life together was soon cut short as 9thDecember Raymond enlisted in the Royal Field Artillery. He served as a Gunner in the 251stBrigade. In 1939, by then a bank official, he was living at 329 Goldhawk Road, Hammersmith, with Hilda and their daughter, Margaret, 22, a dress model, her later married name being Wark. He died in June 1949 at St Austell in Cornwall.

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