Stephen Henry Bateley

Stephen was born on 16 May 1896 the eldest child of Victoria and Stephen, owner of a chemist’s shop, living at 682 High Road Tottenham in North London. His early education was at All Hallows Elementary School in Tottenham. Stephen arrived at LWGS as a boarder in 1908 and was placed in form III. He stayed for nearly four years, leaving from form V at the end of the spring term 1912 to join the City of London School where he was in the Officer Training Corps (OTC).  He enlisted in the Navy on 29thMay 1915, service number 5120 later F5913. After three months basic training on President II he served on land as a mechanic/driver in the Intelligence Department of the Royal Naval Air Division (RNAS), posted to Wing No 3. He served in France and Flanders – Luxeuil, Somme, Dunkirk,  as a driver and at some point was based at Paris. The Navy records describe him as 5ft 6 ½ ins tall with brown eyes, dark brown hair and a ‘medium’ complexion. On returning to England in 1916 he was promoted on commission to Assistant Paymaster. Towards the end of the war on 1stApril 1918 he joined the newly founded Royal Air Force as an air mechanic.

After the war he followed his father into the chemist’s business and continued to live in Tottenham still at the same address. He married Gwendolyn Bessie Holmes in the spring of 1927 who was also from Tottenham. 12 years later in 1939, he is described as a ‘’Master Chemist, retail pharmacy’ but was the only family member in the household. He and his wife had divorced. He appeared in the electoral register during the 1950s and 60s and died, aged 73 in September 1969.

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