Rugby, Spring Term 1926

LWGS 1926002


The 1st XV had a good season playing 8, winning 5 and losing 3. In March they played the Old Boys and the match was reported as follows:

Although the Old Boys brought down a strong team, we had hoped in view of our recent successes to defeat them for the first time, but after a keen struggle we were forced to leave the field a beaten side.

Despite the advantage of kicking down hill we were quickly put on the defensive, and after a quarter hours play Cope scored for the opposition. From the kick-off our forwards attacked spiritedly, and Mr Bray scored a try which we were unable to convert. Half-time found us on equal terms 3-3.

In the second half play was level for a time but Cosier, rushing through scored a try which Simes converted. A forward rush resulted in a free kick being awarded the School, and from this Mr Bray scored. A further free-kick was later missed and despite all our efforts we could not gain the lead. Following one of these attempts to score, Mr Morris dribbled the ball down to our line, and only a fine piece of work by Hicks saved us. In the last few minutes, the Old Boys added two further tried (each unconverted) through Cosier and Simes. Score: Old Boys 14, School 6.

Team: Hicks, Jacobs, Lawrence, Liey, Mr Cooper, Johnston, Mr Guest, Mr Bray, Mr Wheatley, Ing, Croft, Jones, Wyatt, Ricketts, Richards

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