Luke Dancer

Its who fought in the 1st World War.

Luke was born on 28thSeptember 1898, son of Louise and William Dancer a dairyman farmer, living at 139 St Mark’s Road Kensington but later lived at Pitchcott in Aylesbury. Luke was the fifth of six children but the only boy. In 1911 he was at what appears to have been a boarding school at 7 Union Crescent, Margate, along with 35 other boys aged 10 to 14 and run by Ada Masters. He entered LWGS in 1913 when he was 15 and stayed for two years.  He was in the school cricket team as wicket keeper, and the football team in the 1913/14 season. On leaving school he followed his father into dairy farming. He joined the army in 1917 as an officer cadet in the 28thLondon Regiment, was commissioned as 2ndLieutenant on 28thNovember 1917 and later promoted to Lieutenant. After the war he returned to the dairy business. In 1939 he was a dairy supervisor and ARP warden, living at 4 Park Grove, Hendon, married to Maria Elizabeth née De Kock. Date of death is unknown. 

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