Light a Candle: A Story of Thame and Lord Williams 1525-1559

Lord Williams’s School is blessed – if that’s the right word – by the attention of many authors. The latest we’ve come across is Light a Candle by Brian A F Elks.

The description on Amazon says, ‘This is an historical novel set in the period 1525 to 1559 it follows the events and religious changes precipitated by Henry 8th as he tries to create a stable dynastic line. Aided by self seeking and ambitious men, the Monasteries are destroyed and immense wealth liberated as well as introducing new political powers. A growing Protestant faith sits uneasily alongside Catholicism. In the turmoil ordinary bewildered people are caught up in the changes while the clever self seekers sit on a roller coaster ride to great fortunes and sometimes hideous loss. Henry dies but his short lived son is a disaster but he is followed by ‘Bloody Mary’ who tries to burn her way to heaven. Follow Lord Williams and the townsfolk of ancient Thame, as he grows rich beyond compare and they struggle to survive the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Historically it was William’s uncle who married into the Cromwell family that lead to Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector.’

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