Horace Victor Burrell

Horace was born on 12thMarch 1898 in Forest Hill, London, the son of George Burrell a licensed innkeeper who was running the Chandos Public House on Brockley Rise in SE London.

Prior to arriving at LWGS as a boarder on 17thSeptember 1913 he had been four and a half years at the Commercial School Margate, a boarder in 1911 at 22 Addington Square. The reasons for becoming a boarder in Thame are not clear as there appears to be no family connection to the area but possibly Dr Shaw’s advertising campaign was the reason. He was placed in form IVb but stayed only two years, leaving on 29 July 1915 from form IV.

A few days later, on 4thAugust 1915 he enlisted in the Honourable Artillery Company, regimental number 929, later 625149, attached later to the 126thBrigade Royal Field Artillery as a driver. He served in Egypt, where he was hospitalised in 1916. He was still abroad in 1918 as he is included in the absent voters list for Wandsworth; Upper Tooting Road his home address.

He was discharged on 17thFebruary 1919 from the HAC depot, on account of his wounds and he returned to Upper Tooting Road. He was awarded the Victory and British medals.

At some time during the next four years he emigrated to Canada and met up with an American girl. On 2ndSeptember 1923 he crossed from Canada to the USA, in the words of the border official, ‘coming to visit the father of a girl in whom he is interested. If he finds a job will stay till he gets a job (sic)’. His Canadian address at the time was Belleville, on the Canadian side of Lake Ontario; his intended destination was Syracuse about 180 miles away round the lake in New York State.  It seems that he was successful in getting a job, and probably ‘the girl’ as well as it was at Syracuse that he died 35 years later on Christmas Eve 1958. His will was not proved back in England until 1962, payment made to the solicitor of Lillian Harriett Burrell, a miserable £362.

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