Harold Lambourn Franklin

In July, we came across this postcard dated 1908 and sent to Harold Franklin at the school. This being the summer, we decided to see if we could find out a little more about him.

Firstly, we knew he was an OT. That was the easy bit. The rest took a little bit of digging.

Our first query was to see if we could confirm that Harold was a pupil at the school. Well yes…Harold Lambourn Franklin appears in the 1911 Census for LWGS. This confirmed he was a Boarder and was then aged 15. The same Census recorded that he was born in Oxford and this is further confirmed in the 1901 Census when it is was noted that he was living at home with his mother and father at 2 Stanley Road – off the Iffley Road. He was one of 4 siblings. His father, Albert Franklin, was a solicitor who had his own firm in Oxford. His mother was Caroline Amy nee Lamboune.

Further investigation using Ancestry.com uncovered that Harold was born on 20th April 1895.

Harold married in Oxford in 1925 to a Miss Susannah Ivy Barnes. They had three children and the family lived in Old Road, Headington.  After leaving LWGS, he’d qualified as a solicitor and joined his father; together they had a firm called A H Franklin & Sons at 14 King Edward Street in Oxford.

His wife Susannah predeceased him in 1967 and he remarried in 1968. Harold died in 1978 aged 82 in Oxford, still living in Old Road, Headington where he’d lived for most of his adult life.



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