Great Kickstarter Project from Steve Bingham

“The Persistence Of Vision” is a CD which I have wanted to record for quite some time. I have always loved the solo violin music of J S Bach, and in particular the D minor Partita with the amazing Chaconne movement – quite simply the greatest piece of violin writing ever!

Last year I had the idea of partnering the Bach with some amazing violin arrangements of Michael Nyman pieces: Their minimalist simplicity, classical roots, and the opportunity for fascinating multi-tracked violin parts, in my mind perfectly counterpoints the stark beauty of the solo Bach.

So there it is! Bach and Nyman…..I’ve already recorded three out of five Bach movements, and two out of five of the Nyman pieces. Plus I’m completing the CD with the wonderful violin piece “You Cut The String”, written for me by Andrew Keeling.

I’m very excited by this superb music, and I hope you will be too. I’m going to make this CD come what may, but your help will make it a reality that bit sooner 🙂

Here’s what you can do: I’m currently running a project via “Kickstarter”. These projects run for 30 days, and I have just 14 days left of this one! It’s an ‘all or nothing’ system – if I can get enough backers by February 6th to meet my target total then the funding is collected. If not then no one pays out – and it takes me that bit longer to make my CD 🙁
At the time of writing I have 25 backers, and have almost reached 25% of my target. To get the whole way I’m going to need around 75 – 100 more backers…..
Think of it simply as a pre-order for the CD which will help me to concentrate on recording, mixing and editing without having to worry about whether or not I can afford to get it pressed. You aren’t giving money for nothing: You’ll get a copy of the CD, plus a free download copy, and you can also order a limited edition version with bonus DVD!
I’ve made a special video for the project and everything you need to know about it is on the Kickstarter project page: Just click here

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