There are a number of properties on-line that we encourage our members to view for further news, views, information and just for interest:

OTA Flickr Site: our on-line archive

Do we have the biggest on-line archive?

The OTA archive is certainly one of the biggest for a private body. Certainly the biggest for a school in the UK.

We now have over 3800 images online that cover, the School, the OTA and, since acquiring Norman Lilley’s own archive, an expanded section on Thame.

And as we’ve grown, so have the number of visitors. The biggest number of views on a single day thus far is over 30,000.

The subject matter is diverse as you might expect: the earliest image is from the 14th century – a petition written to the King. We have plans to upload Lord Williams’s will. (It’s not a straightforward task.) And then we have images of people, events, artefacts, letters, albums, educational material, anything and everything that might be of interest. (And out stats show that indeed the diversity of what is looked at is much more than one might expect.)

We have at least another 1000 or so images to upload. And we’re always looking for more. So please post or e-mail anything you have. Scan if possible. If not take a photo and send it through. The archive is becoming a research source and hence has great interest beyond just OTs or people connected with the school or Thame.

And please make comments; identify people and places if you can. The more the interaction, the better the archive.

Lord Williams’s School Web Site

This not only has all the most up to date information about the School but also features the monthly School newsletter “Take Me Home”.

Also there is a page for the OTA and John Hampden War Memorial Fund.

OTA Page on the Lord Williams’s School site.

Over 150 OTs are members of the Old Tamensians’s LinkedIn group.

The official OTA  Facebook Page – but anyone can post. And please do.

OTA Twitter (@Tamensian)
Our very own Twitter feed. Please come and tweet with us.

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