The only LWS alumni to feature on a postage stamp

So far as we know Lt Eric Rose MC is the only alumni of the School to feature on a postage stamp: in this instance a commemorative issue from the British Indian Ocean Territories issued in 2008.

The stamp can be seen via this link.



Tom Baldwin

Just found this Daily Mail article about Tom Baldwin who was at the school back in the late 70s and early 80s. Tom is a journalist and strategy advisor to the Labour Party.

An account of Lord Williams’s attendance at the burning of the Bishops

There are a number of accounts of the role that Lord Williams played at the burning of the Bishops. This particular ones comes from a book published in 1832, titled, A History of England in which it is Intended to consider Men and Events on Christian Principles. The author is only identified as being a Clergyman in the Church of England.

‘Lord Williams of Thame sat by; having received the Queen’s orders to attend and prevent any attempt at rescue. To hime, and to the vice-chancellor, both the martyrs knelt, to beseech that one of them might be allowed to answer the charges made against them in this sermon; but they could not obtain this permission. “Well then,” said Ridley, “I commit our cause to Almighty God, who shall indifferently judge all. O heavenly Father, I give unto thee most hearty thanks: for that thou hast called me to be a professor of thee, even unto death. I beseech thee, Lord God, take mercy upon this realm of England; and deliver the same from all her enemies.”

Bishop Ridley’s brother had not forsaken him in the hour of persecution. He was now at hand; and, as his last sad gift he had brought bags of gunpowder ti fasten round the bishop’s neck, and gave one to Latimer, that their pains might be shorter. At this moment, Ridley interceded with Lord Williams, that justice might be done to persons who had given him money for leases, when he was Bishop of London and whom Bonner had deprived of their purchases. But whilst he was thus caring for the distress of others rather than the terrors of his own situation, a blazing faggot was laid at Latimer’s feet, to kindle the pile around them; on which the old man said to his brother martyr, “Be good of comfort Master Ridley and play the man. We shall this day light such a candle by God Grace in England, as, I trust, shall never be put out.”

Apartment to rent on Lake Como

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Ray Hawes Memorial Cricket Match – 29 June 2014 at 1400

Picture of Ray Hawes

Ray Hawes

To remember and celebrate the life of Ray Hawes a memorial cricket match is being held this summer between a Ray Hawes XI and a Nigel Cassidy XI.

Ray Hawes died in November in Charleston, South Carolina, USA age 75. He was an outstanding local sportsman at cricket, golf, squash and table tennis.

He captained Thame Cricket Club in the 1966 and 1967 seasons scoring thousands of runs during his time there including a record breaking 1537 runs in 1964, average 48.83, highest score of 148 not out v Buckingham. He moved to Aylesbury CC in 1969 where he became the first batsman for 20 years to score 1,000 runs in a season. He went on to captain the club for many years in 1970s. He represented Bucks and Devon over-50s.

The Ray Hawes XI will be captained by his nephew, Steve Cooley, another past captain of Aylesbury, and will include his son Geoff, who lives in USA managing Ray’s businesses, and his teenage American grandsons.

A Nigel Cassidy XI captained by his son, Darren, will provide the opposition. Nigel Cassidy died in 2008 age 62. Nigel is an Oxford United legend, a centre forward who made 116 appearances between 1970-74 scoring 33 goals. He was also an accomplished club cricketer. After retirement from football he became an hotelier in Cornwall. He and Ray were good friends.

The match in on:


Christ Church Meadow, Thame.

1400 start.

Burial of Lord Williams

These two entries from November 1559 are from the diary of Henry Machyn a citizen and Merchant-Taylor of London (1550-1563).

The ix day of November was a hers mad for my lord Wylliam of Tame, and the chyrche and the [place] hangyd with blake and armes and a x dosen penselles.

The xv day of November was bered at Tame my lord Wylliam of Tame, with a iij harold of armes, master Clarenshux, master Chester, and Ruge-dragon, with a standard, a grett baner of armes, and viij baner-rolles of armes, and a xij dosen skochyons, and a C. morners, and a lx gownes for pore men, and grett dolle of money, and after a grett dener.

Class of 1947

The class of ’47 have long been organising reunions annually. They even had their own web-site, which we’ve taken this information from.

Pupils and Staff of our era

How we were and what’s happened since we were all at school, Staff are shown RedPupils not yet located are shown Green; Comments in Italics are taken from the Old Tamensians web site.

Please send in your details or any corrections, existing information is taken from your emails or the Old Tamensians web. 

Alsworth, Pat – Headington – Sandhills. now living in Lytham St Annes in Lancashire

Anderton, Harry “Skip” taught Geography

Bankerlari, “Banko” Christian name unknown, taught Maths and R I.

Barnet, Brian – location not known.

Batchelor, “Bruiser” Taught Science,

Bevan, “Bev” BHJ taught Latin. Left the school in 1960 after 25 years, I 1961 B.H.J Bevan (staff 35-60) was now at the Royal Masonic School, Bushey.

Bushnell, Alan, location not known – joined later

Cherry, Arthur “Bob” “Chingy” – Brill Deceased.

Clarke, Brian “Tacky” – 1948-55 Thame.  In 1963 E.J Clarke was ordained at Thame Baptist Church and went to Brazil as a missionary. In 1965 The Rev E.J. Clarke was a missionary in Brazil

Clark, Mike, – Boarder Upper Winchendon.

Cook, Christian name not known, location not known.

CorfieldChristian name not known, location not known

Cripps, Roy “Ezra” – Wheatley. Moved to the Isle of Man

Cross, Charlie – Headington – Risinghurst.

Curnock, Reg

Doman, Brian – Princes Risborough. 1958 B.G.S Doman had gained a 1st in Physics from Oxford and was going on to Harwell and in1981 was teaching at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Liverpool University

Dyer, “Foxy” Headmaster, taught RI,

Fantham, Eric – Boarder location unknown.

Finney, Brian – Boarder location unknown.

Gillard, Alan T –Thame.  47-53 was with the Post Office as an Engineer

Goldsworthy, Christian name not known, location not known.  

Gordon, Ian – Boarder location unknown. Thought to have served in the REME

Griffin, Roger – Boarder location unknown.

GuestW “Gussie”1892-1975 taught History and from ’49 PE,  Died in Oxford at the age of 85 having been history master at LWGS for over 30 years until his retirement in 1957. A Yorkshire man by birth, he was educated at Normanton Grammar School in the West Riding and then trained as a teacher. His career was interrupted by the 1st World War, during which he served as a Captain in the K.R.R.C., and was badly wounded. After the War, he read Modern History at Oxford and in 1925 he started at the School, teaching History and English.

Harris, Arthur – location unknown.

Hoole, J “Fanny” taught History

Howes, Jim (Jabez) – Thame.

Kingston, Tony – Thame.

Kurt, Christian name unknown taught French

Martienssen, Paul – Wheatley.

Maxton, John “Jake 1947- 1954 – Stanton St John. John Maxton  was MP for Cathcart Glasgow before stepping down in 2001. John won the seat in 1979 when he defeated the Conservative incumbent Teddy Taylor. At the time this was a shock defeat. 2004 John Maxton a former head boy has been created a life peer. From an email – I am married to Christine and we have three sons. I still love my jazz and have been a Board member of the Glasgow Jazz Festival for ten years. I keep fit and go to the gym most days and run 4/5 miles on a treadmill. Used to be able to run at 8 minute miles but am now down to 9 minute miles.

Miller “Squit” taught Physics, lived in Thame

Morton, Alan – Morton. now living in Horsepath

Murphy, Patrick, “Spud” – Boarder original location unknown ~ deceased. 1952 A fund was started for Patrick Murphy who two years previously was found to have tuberculosis and then he’d developed cerebral meningitis which had left him totally blind and deaf.

Osborn 1, Alan – Thame. I passed through the school sitting securely near the bottom of the class. My only claim to fame was arriving back from an enforced run on the school bus. That won me a week pushing the heavy roller and detention. Having been married to Janet, with two children, divorced, married again to Joyce a lecturer in FE, I am now living in Berkhamsted. I did an engineering apprenticeship with Airtech at Haddenham, leaving to join Possum Controls at Aylesbury a charity owned company making electronic equipment for the severely disabled. The company was sold in July 1994 and I was made redundant took early retirement. My interests are travel, Genealogy, WW1, rough shooting and our local U3A.

Osborne 2, John – Stadhampton. Farms at Stadhampton

Pym, Eric – Headington – Risinghurst ~ Deceased.

Seal, “Freddie”

Seymour, Laurence “Leggy” – Wheatley.

Shewry, Philip “Ted” – Thame. Retired in December 2001 but returned – for a while – to work part time as a Telecoms Adviser for Canon UK. Still live in Thame with wife June and have two children and two grandchildren. Played soccer, tennis, and cricket for Thame but now my main sport is bowls (indoors and outdoors). My hobbies are gardening, reading, quizzes, and following Henley Hawks Rugby Club.

Surridge, Ken – Headington – Quarry.

Triggs, Arthur – Boarder, location unknown.

Wallis, Brian – Headington – Risinghurst. I went into Engineering as an apprentice then moved onto Business Systems, becoming Business Systems Manager for a company in High Wycombe. Redundant at 50, I eventually moved into Accounts, finally looking after the accounts of the telecoms dept at Oxford University.- from Brians email.

Williams, Bob – Brill, was a Boarder from his second year onwards.

Great Kickstarter Project from Steve Bingham

“The Persistence Of Vision” is a CD which I have wanted to record for quite some time. I have always loved the solo violin music of J S Bach, and in particular the D minor Partita with the amazing Chaconne movement – quite simply the greatest piece of violin writing ever!

Last year I had the idea of partnering the Bach with some amazing violin arrangements of Michael Nyman pieces: Their minimalist simplicity, classical roots, and the opportunity for fascinating multi-tracked violin parts, in my mind perfectly counterpoints the stark beauty of the solo Bach.

So there it is! Bach and Nyman…..I’ve already recorded three out of five Bach movements, and two out of five of the Nyman pieces. Plus I’m completing the CD with the wonderful violin piece “You Cut The String”, written for me by Andrew Keeling.

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I’ve made a special video for the project and everything you need to know about it is on the Kickstarter project page: Just click here

Rycotewood College

Cecil Michaelis founded a training school in 1938 that was located in the then defunct Thame Workhouse. He formed a trust with himself and Mr E Bullock as trustees to administer and direct its affairs. The Trust, registered as Rycotewood Trust, had a guaranteed income for 8 years. The trustees have decided to train boys to be cabinetmakers, as they believed that the lack of young skilled men will prove fatal to the furniture trade.

Besides, a steady trickle of boys leaving LWS and going on to the College, some of the teaching staff would also take lessons there on a part-time basis.

And, of course in the 60s and 70s there were always the Rycotewood College discos.

Rycotewood College Association

Life of the River Thame

 The paperback uncovers the history of the picturesque river, drawing from the works of literary greats such as Renaissance poet laureate Edmund Spenser, Defoe and even Shakespeare to bring its timeless beauty to life. It also charts the river’s position from Aylesbury to Chearsley, Cuddington to Dorchester, and of course includes a chapter on the market town which took its name.

Originally from Kent, Mr Chaplin, who is manager of the John Radcliffe Hospital’s Cellular Pathology Department, moved to Thame 52 years ago when his father become head master at The Wenman.

He said: “Some time ago I was fascinated to find that some of the 17th century poets and writers wrote about the Thame, giving it prominence at that time.

“Once you start digging around you find other things to follow up. I have written quite a few articles within the medical and scientific press and I do enjoy writing. I attended Lord Williams’s School when it was a grammar school, so was interested to find out a lot more about how the school come about. There is also a section on red kites. I like bird watching so was interested to track the history of red kites and see how and where they are mentioned in literature.”

Aside from information on curious characters and buildings which have shaped the river’s history, and inhabitants including anglers who spend much of their lives on its banks, the book also makes reference to more recent events including floods and the well loved Ickford vs Tiddington tug of war.

Mr Chaplin added: “I hope people enjoy the book and that it stimulates them to enjoy the river and go and see some of the places I have mentioned for themselves.

“Even though it is only small, the Thame is an enchanting river.”