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Brian Ward…

Very interested to catch up with such a wide variety of OT activities, much wider than I knew.  Would welcome more such information for all us OTs. It may  encourage comments, widen awareness and involvement in issues facing the Committee and the School.
Would have been helpful to receive the financial statements as well. Perhaps they could they be sent with the next Newsletter?
Could Minutes with financial statements of past AGMs be incorporated in the OTA website?
And the date of each forthcoming Committee meeting and, later, its Minutes, made available in the Newsletter would be useful.
Does the school have an Archivist? I see Derek Turner and Graham Thomas provide at each AGM a fascinating historical exhibition. Unfortunately it rarely gets the attention it deserves as we OTs are busy on other things: talking to each other, AGM, school tour,lunch etc. Could the exhibition be replicated on the website so all OTs can see it? Reference is made to “the LWS Archive.” Is that Flickr and OT website or something else?
By the way I have spent enjoyable hours at the British Library browsing some of the earliest issues of The Tamensian Magazine beautifully bound into book form by the BL . But its collection is incomplete. It would be a fine thing for the School and/or the OTA to enable the BL to complete its collection. The BL’s policy is to digitise such material so that one day it will be available for everyone… forever.
” The Tamensian” has been discontinued but I see we donate to and advertise in ” the LWS Yearbook.” I have written to Carol Kendall listed as School Liaison to ask for a copy. Maybe these too should be held by the BL?
Without financial details its impossible to make sense of the Operating Deficit of £2,398.
I thought our development of the Honours Boards was well worthwhile.
Item 06:  Newsletters.
I was surprised the total number of OTs is only about 1400 for a school of our size. I suggest those 150 who choose to receive newsletters by post instead of online should pay. At 6-12 issues pa should save £500 – £1000.
OTs under retirement age at Founders Day are conspicuous by their absence and show little interest in responding to the Newsletter. An attitude study of all OTs and those shortly to leave school might help guide the Committee.
“No news means no Newsletter”…..I welcome news about fellow OTs but also about what is going on within the OTA  and at the school. For example I would like the Newsletter to act as a sign-post to important new contributions to the OTA  website, Flickr, Facebook etc. For example the fascinating case history on the website  about Queen Elizabeth 1 and her relationship to the school would be worth drawing attention to in the Newsletter.
You request feedback on whether we should contribute to the £250K cost of a new cricket pavilion and £70K+ for a sculpture in the new school.
Each is important and each should be professionally promoted. I have been an OT for 68 years and have never been approached about a legacy or any fund-raising for the school or the OTA.
Item 09: Head Teacher’s Observations.
I am so out of date and unaware of big changes being planned. Where can I find out more about the ” single site project”  and configuration of the new school?
It would be helpful to understand how serious is the school’s budget deficit of £400,000, perhaps as a percentage.
Item 10: Election of OTA Officers and Committee Members.
Alas I do not know any of the individuals involved. Is there information about them anywhere?  The “ Life Vice President’ role seems to be a new one, not listed in the Rules of the OT Association.
Item 11.02  AOB.
Do not understand the note about sending out the Draft Minutes incurring a risk of “ embarrassing comments”.
Perhaps the Minutes will help keep us up-to-date on the many activities our Committee is engaged in. And encourage us to have a say!

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