Burial of Lord Williams

These two entries from November 1559 are from the diary of Henry Machyn a citizen and Merchant-Taylor of London (1550-1563).

The ix day of November was a hers mad for my lord Wylliam of Tame, and the chyrche and the [place] hangyd with blake and armes and a x dosen penselles.

The xv day of November was bered at Tame my lord Wylliam of Tame, with a iij harold of armes, master Clarenshux, master Chester, and Ruge-dragon, with a standard, a grett baner of armes, and viij baner-rolles of armes, and a xij dosen skochyons, and a C. morners, and a lx gownes for pore men, and grett dolle of money, and after a grett dener.

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