Arthur Jessie Briars

Arthur was born on 8 February 1891 the son of Mary and George Briars, headmaster of the Royal British School in Thame, where unsurprisingly Arthur received his elementary education. He was one of three brothers to both go to the school and fight in the Great War.  Arthur arrived at LWGS on 19 September 1902 with a free place. He sat and passed the six preliminary, junior and senior Oxford Local Examinations between 1903 and 1908, gaining 1stclass honours in the preliminary exam of 1904. He became a pupil teacher on 1stAugust 1907 and stayed at the school until the summer of 1909, after which he followed in his father’s footsteps as a schoolmaster, becoming an assistant teacher at a school in Chorlton near Manchester. According to the school records he enlisted in 1914 in the 4thbattalion of the Ox and Bucks Light Infantry and reached the rank of Lance Sergeant. However, no military records exist to confirm this. He married in the autumn of 1915 and he is not listed alongside other members of the family in the absent voters list of 1918/19 so it may be that as a teacher, a reserved occupation, his military service was cut short.  By 1939 he had changed careers and become a customs officer living at 20 Eastwood Avenue, Fulford near York and was still living there in 1962. At some point he moved to the Fylde where he died aged 76 in March 1967.

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