A C Dyer and the Aris brothers

Recently, we were contacted by Sarah Dyer, a grand-daughter of Arthur Dyer who was headmaster at LWGS from 1929 to 1948.

Her father David Dyer moved to Australia (and this is where she writes from as she now lives in Melbourne) and he too became an educationist and was principal of schools in Victoria (he is now 88.)

Sarah wrote to ask whether we had information about the Aris brothers who came to the school as refugees in 1939, leaving their parents behind in Germany. She also told us “My father recalls being in the room when the boys spoke to their parents for the last time in Germany. Apparently the younger brother was so excited to speak but hung up in his excitement and that was the last time they spoke with their parents.”

Our last contact with the brothers was in 2004 when they told us:

Hans Helmut Aris 1939-1943 and Ernst Gunter Aris 1939-1944 We came to England from East Prussia on January 6tb. 1939 by “Kindertransport”and under the auspices of foster parents, including A.C.Dyer. the then headmaster, we were soon deposited at Lord Williams Grammar School, as boarders. It was very difficult at first, as we knew no English language, but we were soon made to feel part of things there. Although I was far from being the best pupil at LWGS, the discipline, training and teaching stood me in good stead in later life. I shall always be grateful to my foster parents, 3 wonderful families in Long Crendon, and Mr. A C.Dyer, for giving my brother Helmut and me an excellent start in life, which our parents were unfortunately not able to do, because of Hitler. Helmut left school in 1943, and after due appraisal of my educational prowess, it was decided that I would not benefit from another year at LWGS, so I left there in 1944.
Having a great interest in motor cars, it was decided that Birmingham, the centre of the motor industry at that time, was for me. I began training as a motor mechanic, by day, and studied at Technical college 4 evenings a week and attained Higher National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering. I then went into engineering and worked my way up to become Works Director in a small engineering company employing about 200 people. I retired in October 1993 when I was 65.
Helmut will be 77 in August and I will be 76 in October. We have attended several reunions of the Old Tamensians over the years, but both feel that our contemporaries are fast fading away! And so we will not be attending any more. The above is a short summary of my life in this country to date, which you may wish to print. I send my best wishes to all.

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