1934 School Photo

The headmaster was Arthur Dyer (1888 – 1954). A Cambridge graduate, who had fought in the 1st World War with the King’s Own Shropshire Light Infantry and had been mentioned in despatches. He was headmaster from 1929 until 1948, and was known as being a strict disciplinarian, introduced petty rules and even treated his junior staff poorly. Unsurprisingly he was not well-liked by the pupils. (Source: Lord Williams’s School. A New History 1559-2020.)

The photo is interesting as first no school uniform is being worn. Instead a rather motley collection of suits. (Though up until 1971, wearing suits for the photo was the norm.) Second, the grass could do with a cut. Third, none of the boarding house staff have been included – although this again was something that was not done until the 1960s.

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