Football 1915

LWGS Ist XI Football

Andrew Dodwell discovered this photo of his father, Bernard Henry Dodwell, with fellow players.

He could only identify the sportsmaster, Ron West, in the centre, but the others remained a mystery.

Andrew, who lives in Thame with wife Rosalind, said: “My father fought in both world wars and survived. I’d like to know what happened to his team members and whether they or their relatives are in the area still.”

Bernard, who grew up in Long Crendon, married Angelina Messer from another local family during the Second World War.

Andrew said: “My father was very athletic. I remember him telling me that his teacher had said if he was half as good academically as he was on the sports field, he’d be very successful!”

If you think one of your relatives is in the photo, Andrew would love to hear from you on 01844 212060 or by email

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  1. Message from Derek Turner.
    Bernard Henry Dodwell. As you will know the photo and text also appeared in the Thame Gazette. What you won’t know is that, following that article I was able through the archives to assist Andrew towards identifying other members of the team. This was because Dorothy Fitch née Shaw, headmaster Alfred Shaw’s younger daughter who taught at the school during WW1, later presented the school with several photos of that period, amongst which is the football team for the previous year 1913-1914 (featured on the Flickr website). Incidentally the photo you feature should more properly be labelled 1914-1915. Dorothy named the people in the earlier photo and by checking these against the team lists given in the Tamensian it is clear that around half were in the team in both years. Andrew now has a copy of the 1914-1914 photo and the list of names so hopefully he can do some matching of faces and names.
    This illustrates a more general point: that the process of cataloguing all the school photos in the school archives is nearing completion. Some 600 photos are now catalogued and indexed. Though this is considerably fewer than the 4000 on the Flickr site and the photos are far less accessible, an advantage of the archived photos for OTs is that the name index allows the search for a particular person, as in the case of Bernard Henry Dodwell. There’s also a subject index. The proportion of named photos varies considerably. The greatest proportion occurs for the first two decades of the 20th century and the 1960s/70s. I am always happy to follow up any particular request for information.
    Derek Turner

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