Jul 13

H E Allsebrook (boarder)

Continuing our commemoration of those Old Tamensians who served in the First World.

H E Allsebrook (boarder) 

He was probably born in Warwickshire where he was living in 1901 when he was admitted to LWGS but was living in Badsey Vicarage Evesham in 1909. He was a good cricketer and captained the school team in 1904, returning play for the OTs against the school on several occasions. After leaving school in 1904 he took up a career in banking.  He enlisted in 1914 and served first in the Sherwoood Foresters as a private. In 1916 he took a commission in the 12thbattalion of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment initially as a 2ndLieutenant but was later promoted to Lieutenant in 1914. His unit fought in the Middle Eastern theatre. He was first wounded on 18thNovember 1914 but continued to serve. However, on 5thApril 1915 he was seriously wounded in Mesopotamia and had to be shipped back to a hospital in London to recover. Near the end of the war he joined the RAF.

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