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John Howard Brown

John Howard Brown was one of those long-serving teachers who joined in 1913 and did not leave until 1946. He was well-admired by colleagues and pupils alike. Below, we have summarised his life, with more to be added when we publish Volume 2 of the school’s new history. 1886: Born in Dover, 22 April. Father …

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A New History of the School has been published.

We are pleased to announce that a book has been published that covers the history of the school from 1559 through until 2020. It is available from Amazon worldwide both as a paperback and as a Kindle edition. If you think you know the early history of the school you’ll be surprised by the new …

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What’s in a name? LWS’s named buildings

Research by Derek Turner. Those who bought today’s Upper School site in the 1870s did the school an enormous long-term favour in acquiring such an extensive amount of reasonably level land, allowing space for the school’s later expansion a century later.   Inevitably the present collection of separate buildings are a bit of a hotch-potch, reflecting the …

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A History of Founder’s Day

A short history, we should add. Today Founder’s Day has two purposes: the first is to commemorate those who fell in the Wars, and those connected with school (students, staff, OTs) who have died over the preceding twelve months; second to celebrate the founding of the school. The Act of Commemoration first took place in …

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